Scenario: Train Station.

Sit on a bench, that’s comfortable.
The sky looks pretty and the temperature is admirable, although not quite perfect.
Oh gosh, a man is approaching the bench. I hope he doesn’t sit next to me. But even if he did, that wouldn’t mean he was interested, it’s just a seat next to another human. That comforting, right? Should I get up or would that make me weak? I’m a feminist, c’mon on we can ride this out, not even care. C’mon on nothing is even going to happen. Okay this is his train. Calm. Now stand up so that can’t happen again.

Seems as though it is just me and a few others waiting for this next train.

Should I go speak to her? Would she really? Does she even look sad? Does she need to?
I know that I could stop it if it happened. Gosh why do I even think it’ll happen. Why do I think that every person comes to the train station to jump? Why does it bother me so much that governments don’t have the fancy protecting walls everywhere; like they do at Canary Wharf. Selfishly wondering how I would feel if it did happen and if I did see it. Kind of self-obsessed to be wondering such a thing, ya? Look at that sentence, looking for affirmation, from who, you’re the only person here thinking this.

If you say some things. Maybe it’ll help, someone or yourself.