These things aren’t real

In Sims you can cultivate traits by giving your character’s orders. The teens get a good grade at school and their satisfaction goes up. That happens in this world too. We feel happier when are given something to add to our achievements list, it’s reassuring to know that you are not bad at something. They even put a scale to it: A B C D E U. Placing you on a spectrum, lucky if you fall under the successful half rather than being given a level of ‘failure’. But even to those successful ones, it’s not truly a successful level unless you reach the elite A* level. You know that these don’t determine whether you belong here or not. It’s just a spectrum.

The argument I have given all this time is that in this world they DO matter. How will I get a job? An income? Find a house? Feed my kids? Do you even have kids? Do you really think that you have to submit to that way of life? Only the Buddhists in the mountains can really escape it but they’re just crazy and don’t have a grip on the work ethic of this world. ‘This world’. There are many worlds on this Earth and whilst we are granted easy access to health and survival facilities, Western civilians are engulfed in this culture. It only exists in the mind but it is not truth. The mind should be a tranquil place of reflection and inner peace, not a convoluted one with stigmas and traditions being played by the auto-pilot that is ‘SOCIETY’.

The ways we are expected to act in relationships. You’re my parent so I can’t tell you about what me and Clara did that one time. You are my grandma so I will always smile and help you with your ironing. You are my brother so I will do as you say and come to you to protect me when I have a problem, even though you always deal with yours yourself. You are my cat so you can’t sleep where I sleep. You are my boyfriend so you shouldn’t have any contact with past girlfriends, even though they were once so significant and helpful. They are examples but you can surely think of some time when there is a feeling you have which cannot be consoled by logic.

Things don’t make sense because they are not real.

(Major stereotyping coming up, for effect and explanation. A deep advocate of non-affiliation, postmodernism and individual differences). This way of how to act and when is humorous Respect for your elders whilst they shun you from not being the same colour as them. The way you must have a tidy environment all the time, even though we accept that everyone has a different preference. These things which don’t make sense, linger in our minds. They cannot leave because they don’t have an explanation, get over it and move on.

Meditate on it, emancipate yourself from society and live your truth. Slowly rid your mind of expectation and strip it right back. We may never fully be emancipated from societal influences but we can impose our own mind onto it to be an individual.


  • Is not linked to emotion. If it is bad because it makes you feel angry, that is not logic.
  • Must be explained. Can never Just be. “It is wrong” is not logic, it is an accepted ideology.