(One burger requires 660 gallons of water).

If Katherine of Aragon birthed a male heir then England would have been Catholic for centuries. No Spanish Armadas, no tensions with France and therefore, no Protestant heroine who continues to inspire today. The ‘what ifs’ are endless and the effects of our actions are always unknown.

(Livestock covers 45% of the Earth’s total land).

A butterfly can change the wind current and cause a change in weather somewhere else. A blanket can save lives in the night. A bee having its meal literally sustains the existence of plants. Duct tape placed on a plane in routine maintenance cost seventy lives. One man’s religious conversion led to mass genocide of pagans across the world (Constantine). One missed meeting led a man to begin a relationship with the woman who would be his wife (Steve Jobs). One decision, one change does have big impacts.

(Transportation exhaust is responsible for 13% of all greenhouse gas emission, livestock accountable for 51%).

 If 25 people stopped buying beef than the supermarket would have to buy one case less of cow’s meat. Now, people are told that “You will not change the world”, “You know don’t make any difference?” and “Oh you are just doing it because everyone else is”. It’s just such an inconvenience for other people isn’t it? You know that using cutlery thing, that sitting at a table ritual you do, the fact you eat savoury before sweet, you’re just doing those because everyone else does. Eating habits have origins, society is a bandwagon.

(Cows produce 150 billion gallons of methane per day, this is 80% more poisonous than carbon dioxide emissions and there is a lot more of it).

There would be waste, so much waste if we all became vegans today. Until it’s a well populated lifestyle, there will be waste of chickens, of milk, of everything; because mass production doesn’t account for its little changes in demand, it just keeps producing. This is not a silly move, there will be waste from choosing such a lifestyle, but there is a cost of participating in eating meat. I do not want to fork out for that cost. One day, someone decided that they did not want to keep doing this and became vegan. One person. The idea has exploded into an international trend. The butterfly effect, small changes have big impacts.

(1.85 gallons of water are needed to manufacture the plastic bottle of water we buy from the supermarket.)

We can all sympathise with the destruction to the Earth. The thing we actually live on and provides EVERYTHING for us. I’m not telling you to be vegan or vegetarian, I’m making you aware. If we shy away from learning, then we are ignorant. If you don’t know why this is bad, ignorance is the root of genocide. You’ll be quick to tell me that 99% of the time, ignorance doesn’t result in genocide, but what good comes from it? Learn about the environmental crisis, adopt some compassionate habits, or even just laugh at it, as long as you know.


To convey the severity of the cause, all of the statistics used in this are three years old and the situation has worsened drastically since.