What better way to introduce my relationship history than with my university personal statement.

‘I believe that each society is held up through indoctrination. Therefore, we must educate ourselves on the past to understand current beliefs; if they have changed over time and if there is a correlation between politics and general ethics. My primary interest is social history, especially tracing the evolution of different cultures. I wish to explore influences of behaviour in society and compare them across the world. Through Classics, I am aware of Roman values established in the beginning of civilisation and to understand these ideas in depth, I use such values as a basis to measure change and mentality. My interest and knowledge of political philosophy and ideologies taught me various ways in which societies have developed, like class dialectics in Marxism. Furthermore, wartime and social stability; Socialists would expect ‘stable’ to be communistic.’

Now sneaking in how much of  a weird Medieval & witch/magic fanatic I am

‘Medieval history intrigues me most; the wide acceptance of the supernatural in this era is my main focus. With a growing interest of witchcraft, I researched pagan behaviours in Smiley’s ‘Icelandic Sagas’ and investigated the legends of Merlin; analysing how views towards the supernatural differ extensively compared to today, in myth and chronicle. This whole period fascinates me, for example its senseless logic like miasma (the spread of disease being a result of ‘bad air’), yet in Medieval Christendom this was a scientific conclusion.

To add, visits to the Stasi prison in Germany and Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland changed my understanding of history. I always knew we must educate ourselves with human mistakes, however, witnessing the tortures provoked question as to why such events hold high historic value. These visits were moving and taught me how to impartially embrace historic tragedies; do not shy away from the bad.’

Up next, a list of pretentious reasons which I stretched to make myself seem a perfect candidate.

‘Through my competitive nature and determination I was awarded Top Dragon, in the Young Dragons Enterprise Competition. In addition, as an English Officer and mentor, I was able to spread my interests in literature, whilst being a school ambassador. Moreover,  my role as Charity Representative in my form inspired me to involve myself in volunteer work, most proudly, organising events for Islamic Relief in 2015.’

And finally we have a rare PS paragraph which is 100% true. 

‘I have a keen interest in travelling and since experiencing European cultures I want to  go further to appreciate as much of the world possible. I am enthusiastic to learn diverse ideals and I believe that History is the ultimate proprietor for this.’