Lava lived in a spiritual land where it was criticised to feel as though you had two feet on the ground.

They’d condemn and sneer but only because they would not understand.

She’d talk of ‘real’ and ‘physical’ but no one understood.

‘Fairy feelings’ are not taken seriously. I know so because I don’t take them seriously.  People are constantly criticised for ‘not actually having a mental illness’. However, we can be blue, we can be panicked and we can be compulsive. We are allowed to be ‘ill’ with a cold or have a bug, yet feeling a strong sensation inside of your body does not warrant a day off school or work.

It is not right that another human gets to decide the severity of your insides. I am a dedicated supporter of Interactionist thinking. This is broadly that the world and society as we know it does not exist and is a construct of our minds and therefore, only we know our truths and everyone is morally correct in their own right. May it be said that I also appreciate the study of zemiology, in that i believe anything causing harm is universally morally wrong as beings on the planet seek pleasure and avoid pain (Bentham/ Singer), therefore it is not natural to cause harm and it is wrong. The point of saying such was to convey how feelings inside of our minds and bodies are real. When I am not panicked inside, I feel as though I overreacted in the past and that a panic disorder or anxiety is not real. I don’t take the time to comfort my friends and I advocate a very tough love attitude when people come to me with ‘fairy feelings’. I am no better and I have experienced it.

I described it to my mother as though I felt as though I was being transported to another dimension. Being a very spiritual person, this idea excited me. But no, I was having an anxiety attack. I want to write about this but i do not understand it. People do not have time for you to be sad or ‘not quite you’. They get angry and when you try and shut yourself away because you don’t want to talk to them and it angers them more. It’s hard to tell someone who wants to know how you feel that you just don’t know, you can’t remember or literally cannot find the words to speak.

Is it possible to be temporarily mentally ill just like you can have a stomach bug or the flu?

I believe that when people are faced with what I have been calling a ‘fairy feeling’, they do not believe it. This doesn’t give them a chance to understand what it is when it is in front of them and this may be why we are tough when people we know experience it, because it does not seem real. We know this already. We have preconceptions, why is it attention seeking to say you feel sad? Sometimes people don’t want attention; they just don’t want you to expect the norm of them. When we are mentally or physically ill it is common to turn to someone and ask them to make you better, you know that they can’t but you ask anyway. We are sympathetic initially, but eventually we push people to just “put in more effort”. I’m aware of the notion that ‘if it was easy then everyone would be doing it’, but an insomniac cannot be expected to sleep and someone with broken legs cannot be expected to run. Support and encourage.