I’m sitting here worrying about my exams and my livelihood in the back of my mind. I’m worried that I won’t be all I plan to be and that my loved ones will not appreciate my efforts if I take the non-materialistic path which I so desire to take. As I said, worrying about it in the back of my mind. At the forefront I was watching Titanic. The class differences, the inhumane treatment of women during the day and the lower classes being forgotten about during its sinking. The materialism and the souls. When asked how many men were on board the man told his boss there were “2200 souls on board” because in the eye of all we know being over, we change our perspectives. We are no longer men, no longer belong to a class or have a gender, for we are “souls”. We are not our bodies, nor our aspirations.

That is what our souls are meant to do: Love. Today I watched Ted Talks about poverty, pacifism and a heartfelt one where a South Korean girl was adopted by an American. Each taught me different things, to add to the thinking I have now named: “The world has too many injustices for Jasmine to handle”. I know how solemn that sounds and I like that, for when I tell you that it’s intentions are not solemn it encompasses the things I hate about the world, and that is preconceptions. Even about words, for that is such a limited means of communication.

So yes, the non-violent one, in combination with a thought I had about how humans think aliens will invade and the high-tech equipment they will have. Why do humans expect them to have evolved aggressive equipment and why are they imperialist in wanting to take over the world. We need to look into our souls as the kind man said on the Titanic and realise that deep down we do not have intentions to harm, so trust that they don’t either and stop violence once and for all. The poverty talk said a few things which have stuck in my mind but most notably “on the basis that we are all human beings”.

I feel bad for sitting here and indulging in so much materialism. I get up in the morning and I get to choose what breakfast I have, or even if I want one at all. I have so many drinks to choose from and get to pick an outfit every single day, yet I still have the nerve to moan when the water doesn’t taste “quite right” or that the wrong brand of apples were brought. After all, these exams, this education, is really nothing. We sit and learn about the injustices in poverty and to other individuals. It is good to know such things; however, through learning it, it does not change. It is widely believed that local actions can have a global effect, so instead we should be taught of the value of the Earth, the worth of the air we breathe, the blessing of our existence, the rarity of the food we eat, the drinks we drink and the clothes we wear. Learning is good and so fulfilling but is it not better to know the things for the better of our souls? Political organisation and the way society is structured is very important but it is too involved in itself to realise that the world is still moving. Not mindful enough to realise that these stats we record, these stats which we reiterate in education, these stats which we pressure ourselves to remember for a qualification worthless to the future; such stats are NOT NUMBERS! Not a collective, not a group. A single soul, with the widest value like you and I, repeated thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of times.

We pray for people to have peace and we pray for people to be safe and happy in the life beyond the one which we pretend to know here. But I want to send a prayer so wide it encompasses every soul ever lived, those who I can only communicate with by hugging them or crying or laughing with them. Those who understand the world in ways I could never comprehend. I send love to those hard done by in this world, for I know now that it is a true injustice. I pray for how lucky I am to have so much but also pray that this changes, for I am at an injustice too, enslaved by interpretations of a world we as humans have no right to place an interpretation on. For us humans have no real idea about, watching the world go by, being shown every single day of the hurt inside of EVERY SOUL caused by other humans, just because we don’t understand the value of one until it looks us dead in the face.

The world is not a nice place but I do not believe that it was intended to be. I wish to experience a sensation where this is impossible and love is everybody’s first language. Thus, the world is beautiful for its injustices are too much for Jasmine to handle and that gives her faith in humanity with feeling and spreading love for all.

(Dear reader,
I understand that this is my expression and world view. I sympathise with the likelihood that you do not agree as the nature of my writing is as though I am imposing a view I believe to be universally right. However, that is not true. In the words of Voltaire: “I detest what you have to say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. I am still learning about the world and I am open to the prospect of my thinking towards it developing, or even changing completely. I do not think my view and beliefs are correct and as I am young, I am not even sure this is my own truth. Nevertheless, as this is expressive, I invite you to sit with me in the moment of this piece and experience the nature of our existence and I hope you can find humour in looking at the world which we have constructed and the meanings we have created.)